Completed Skirt

I’ve been busy working on my Simplicity 4074 outfit this week and managed to get the skirt finished!

It was actually very easy to put together and the fit – wonderful! I did make the petite adjustment and I think that the length is actually pretty good on me.
I also want to add that this is the second time working with Joann’s new knit fabrics (the other I used for the Burda Wrap Top) and I really hope that they continue to carry more quality fabrics like this. I’m even thinking about writing to their customer service and telling them so (which is something I rarely do), but I would really like to have another source for nice material. I can even overlook the abundance of polar fleece that they carry if they would have a decent selection of ‘finer’ fabrics somewhere in the store! Alright, I’m off my soapbox.
So, I’ll leave you with a teaser of my skirt. Unfortunately, my daytime photographer (Taylor) is still at school, so I can’t model this one, but here’s the skirt:

When I finish up the top and sash, I’ll photo the whole ensemble together!

6 thoughts on “Completed Skirt

  1. Necia

    As a new time sewer, and a short time lurker, I just gotta say I love the tone of your blog. Your works are so inspiring, and makes me really want to get my act together and just sew. So, thankyou!
    Oh nice skirt.

  2. Lynn

    I have to agree. I’m just getting back into sewing,and your posts are so refreshing. They really help me finish a project, and then begin a new one. I am really getting excited about your daughter’s Halloween costume.

  3. bernadette

    Along the same lines as these two previous commenters, I enjoyed your blog so much after just a few visits that I pointed it out to the management at G Street Fabrics (where I used to work and still shop). Heck, you may even hear from them, someday!

  4. Kelly

    Yes, Stacy, your blog is a really great daily read for me too. I’m always excited to see what you’ll be up to next. Kudos!

  5. Linda L

    Oh please write that letter to JoAnn’s. Maybe they will then put that fabric in our one of our two JoAnn’s here. Someone in our ASG went to a JoAnn’s somewhere else in VA and said they had the best knit fabrics. She bought yards of several colors.
    It is really nice once in awhile to be able to buy nice knit fabric from a store and take it home the same day. I love getting packages in the mail but instant gratification is great also.
    Okay, I am now off my soapbox.

  6. Stacy

    Thank you all for the nice comments!
    Linda – I’m writing them tonight in hopes that we continue to get such nice quality material. I sometimes really like the whole fabric shopping experience in the store!

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