Jalie Junkie

I continued my craftiness yesterday by decaying roses. Well, at lest making them look decayed.

These roses will eventually beocme part of Taylor’s Halloween costume and are actually much darker looking in real life. Since I’m incorporating some red into her costume, I wanted to mix in some red color into various aspects of her dress. I thought that by taking some darker red roses and spray painting them black (with floral spray) it gave it a more decaying look while adding the color I wanted. The flowers will become part of the bouquet and headpiece she’ll wear. Beware, this is a very messy project – wear gloves, old clothes, and work outside.
Aside from crafting, I’m swimming in magazines (not that I’m complaining)! My latest purchase was the holiday issue of Sew News. This has become a traditional purchase for me – even if I don’t wind up making anything from this issue, I like the inspiration it gives me. I’m attempting to plan ahead this year for Christmas and may craft a few items up, especially for Taylor’s teachers. My Burda FallWinter Easy Fashion magazine arrived in the mailbox today. I really like this issue too – even though it’s not quite as impressive as Summer and it’s not in English. I glanced over the instructions for some of the projects and I think that I can make most of the without translations and strictly go by the pictures. My big question is – are knickers coming back? This issue is filled with several pairs and I’m just not seeing them making a comeback at the moment.
Lastly, I’m a Jalie junkie. I just purchased another Jalie pattern – 2561. I actually have the fabrics purchased for this one and if all goes well, I’ll have several pairs of new pants for the fall!

5 thoughts on “Jalie Junkie

  1. Melissa

    Love the Jalie pattern! I was just looking at that one the other night and thinking about ordering it. I probably will grab it soon since pants season is upon us. The roses look cool too!

  2. bernadette

    I don’t think knickers are making a comeback – in the USA anyway. European fashion and sewing magazines often have “trends” that don’t translate to us. In this case, probably fortunate! Anything that cuts us off at the knee, unless worn with matching tights/knee socks or platform heels is likely a disaster.
    On the other hand, I have noticed more knee socks shown with short skirts for young women. I used to love knee socks (mostly in cold weather) and never understood why they dropped off the “sock fashion” cliff.
    The roses look swell – much better than all-black ones would.

  3. Anary

    Stacy these roses are really beatifuly “creepy” done..hehe. Seriously. This costume will be gorgeous. Taylor is a lucky girl to have such a dedicated mom!

  4. Stacy

    Oh, thank goodness! I really don’t want knickers to come back, maybe for Taylor, but definately not something that I want to try to wear (again)!
    I actually enjoyed coloring the roses – I’m going to have to remember that floral spray paint for future projects. They come in a wide range of colors, I may never have to settle for the store’s colors again!

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