Meet The Newest Member Of Our Family

I would consider myself a garment maker, primarily. But, on occasion, I get the urge to make craftier items.

Lately, I’ve been drooling over Japanese craft books – they seem to have way with cute, cuddly plushes. So, after spending a good hour or so looking at them, I got the urge to make something. I sketched out a design and decided I would pay homage to one of my favorite plush designers, Kristin from Cuddly Rigor Mortis by creating this:

Meet Drac. Yup he’s small, lopsided, and made of scraps, but he fulfilled my incredible urge to sew up a plush. If the mood strikes me again, I might go for something a bit simplier, like a donut. Sewdorky and My Paper Crane both create these cute designs and a tutorial (although, I’m not sure one is needed for this project) can be found here.
Speaking of craftiness – while surfing today, I saw Not Martha‘s entry on Craft magazine. I looks like it is going to be fantastic, I wonder where I’ll be able to get my hands on one?

5 thoughts on “Meet The Newest Member Of Our Family

  1. bernadette

    Looks like you can subscribe to Craft. That is probaby the best way, though it is expensive. I just recently subscribed to the new Martha Stewart mag, called Blueprint, and I have the very first issue but have never seen it in stores or booktores. I was looking for a copy for a friend. I think new mags limit their distribution at first until they see just how popular they will be.
    Best bets for newstand copies could be Border’s Books or Barnes & Noble, if there are any near you. Also Border’s or Amazon on line.
    Craft certainly looks like a fun magazine!

  2. Stacy

    How is Blueprint? I’ve been looking for it at the bookstore, but have never run across it. I’ve only seen their online version.
    I was thinking about subscribing to Craft(like I don’t have enough subscriptions going as it is), but would prefer to try it out first before I commit to a year long (well, quareterly) thing. I tried looking for it on amazon, but they are carrying it yet. I noticed that the first issue comes out in October, I guess it give me another month or two to mull it over before I decide!

  3. bernadette

    I am still reading the first issue of “Blueprint”(marked “Summer – Premiere issue”)and I like it very much. It has a variety of topics, most of which appeal to me: home decor, organizing, healthy living,crafts, fashion(sorta), a little food, etc. There is one annoying article on how to behave! Shades of Martha?
    There are only 6 issues a year($18 a year’s subscription), which hopefully makes it easier to absorb and try some of the ideas before another issue arrives and gives me MORE ideas. At some point I would like to stop reading about fun new things and actually try them!
    “Craft” sounds like a good bet, being from the same people who publish “Make” mag (An edgy, modern, “Popular Mechanics”) which I really like but do not subscribe to. One son does, but he lives in another state so I don’t see the mag much. It is also very hard to find. Borders is one place I have seen it and it sells out quickly, though it’s expensive. Must be worth it.
    If you like home-dec type mags, I have to say I totally love “domino”. It’s cheap – about $10 or less per year and filled with good ideas that real people can do and afford. It comes with sticky bookmarks, like “Lucky”.

  4. bernadette

    I have just gone ahead and subscribed to CRAFT. Individual issues are probably going to be $14.99, like MAKE, besides being hard to locate.
    I used to buy Burda mags when I lived in Toronto for two years and never had any problem using the German editions. I did have a year of German in college, which helped some. but I looked up terms in my German/English dictionary and it was OK. G Street Fabrics, where I shop, used to carry a very full line of sewing/craftbooks and dozens of different sewing/needlework mags, including all the Burda offerings, but they stopped a few years ago.
    I already get more mags than I can easily read but I am pretty selective. Mags with lots of color and pictures make my treadmill time do-able. My personal favorites are Fiberarts, Surface Design Journal, domino, Vogue, and Wired. I pick up issues of other mags (Threads, quilt mags) when they have fun stuff.
    I am a sucker for Christmas issues but find that the crafts/neddlework offered these days (everything seems to have to be quick and easy or require lots of specialized supplies) is not the quality that was available in the 70’s. Luckily, I still have many mags from that era. But I always buy a few more anyway!

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