Wrap Top Revisited

Since a real body can dramatically change the look of a grament, here’s a couple of photos of me modeling my new top – It does take some fanagling to get the wrap part looking right. I noticed that the right side looks more bunched than the left. Reminder to self: don’t dress in a hurry if you’re wearing this top.
View with ties in back
View with ties across front

10 thoughts on “Wrap Top Revisited

  1. Julia

    I just had to comment on this top. I think it’s very, very becoming. Of course, you do have the figure for it! I have recently discovered your blog and visit just about every day. I’m an off and on again sewer and find your enthusiasm very contagious.

  2. Jemgirlca

    Thanks Stacy, I was hoping for someone to take a picture of themselves in this top. Yours turned out really cute! -Jeanette

  3. linda

    Nice job! It looks complicated, but glad it came together quickly for you.
    I have a dress that I got at the thrift store that I think will work like the onionskin fabric. If I can find a moment to sew something, I’ll try it with that fabric first.

  4. Stacy

    I can’t wait to see your version! I think that fabric choices can really change the look of this top and I’m excited to see how other people change it up!

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