A Real Wrap Top

Burda World of Fashion wasn’t kidding when they said “Make in the morning – wear in the afternoon” when they described their wrap top from the August issue. This baby went together fast!

I do have to admit, it is a bit crazy looking when it’s finished. The front collar and ties are extremely long and hang down if you haven’t crossed them over and tied them behind your back (it’s a real wrap top, not the mock wraps that I’ve been making lately). In fact, it looks a little bit like a straight jacket! Speaking of the ties – they are extremely long. If I make this again in the future, I’ll definately be shortening them, I think that it just looks better that way. Here’s a photo of the back view.
I love the fabric too. It’s definitely not a color that I would normally pick out for myself (I’m trying to break out of my redpink rut), but I really like it in this top. It’s also a wonderful knit to work with – it’s a nice weight and is good quality. I’m happy to see that Joann’s is starting to pick up more quality fabrics. I hope that this trend continues.
But back to the pattern. Overall, it’s fantastic – it’s fast, easy, and fun! If I can ever find a sweater knit that calls to me, I plan on making it into this! If you’re interested in a more detailed sumary, I wrote a review of it here.

3 thoughts on “A Real Wrap Top

  1. Jen

    This is so weird. We both just made the same pattern out of Burda WOF, you made the thinner knit and I made the sweater knit. But when I was reading about the fabric you chose, I realized that it is the EXACT same fabric I just made the deep v neck top out of last week! In my pictures it looks more green but it is actually the same turquoise knit from Joannes that you made the wrap top out of. Clearly we think alike!!! Weird. 🙂

  2. Stacy

    Jen – that is weird! I’m not usually one to jump right out and start on a Burda WOF pattern, either!
    I love your knit version. I need to find some sweater knit (my Joann’s didn’t have any yet) to try this top out again.
    You’re right about the fabric – it is the same as your v-neck version! I think my color came out different because I played around with the contrastbrightness of the photo so it would help everyone see the details of the top.

  3. kathryn

    I know this is quite awhile ago, but I really would love to be able to have the pattern to make this top. I cannot find it anywhere. Would you be willing to sell your pattern or tell me wear I could purchase it?
    crocokat at gmail dot com

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