Done In Time For Open House?

Tuesday night was Taylor’s open house for school – and I managed to finish my Simplicity kimono inspired top just in time (a photo has been posted on the sidebar, but if you’re wanting a larger photo to check out details more closely, click here)!

Unfortunately, I had to help run the PTO table (I’m co-president this year) and the sleeves seemed like they would just get in the way plus it was just too muggy and warm outside (and I needed shorter sleeves so I could stay cool), so I opted for the Jalie Crossover Top instead.
So in a nutshell, what do I think of this top? I like it a lot! It’s fun and trendy, but not over the top. I think that the longer sleeves really bring out the kimono style to this top and I love how the lower half is so fitted! The neckline is a bit looser than what I would have liked (it could use some tacking down, just in case I bend over), especially if you compare it to the Jalie Crossover Top, but this could be in part due to the natue of the pattern – namely the wide dolman sleeves.
This was also my first time working with onionskin. The fabric is easy to work with, but tempermental when it comes to heat. It seemed like after pressing, then picking it up, it would leave a lump where I would handle it. It really needed to be pressed, cooled, then picked up.
As for if I’ll make this style again, well, probably not. Not because it’s a bad pattern, but only because it’s so distinctive. I’m not sure what to make next. I think that I’ll thumb though my fabrics and see what calls out to me.

4 thoughts on “Done In Time For Open House?

  1. Anary

    Gorgeous! It is very nice how everything worked very nicely in your top. The color looks great on you.

  2. bernadette

    The top is REALLY nice and you look great in it! Even the longer sleeves look fine. And you’re right that they do emphasize the kimono-look of the garment.
    Does onionskin have much stretch?
    I’ll be careful when I make my version because I also have “bodice-gap” problems with most cross-over/wrap styles – both home-made and store-bought. I used to think it was because my bust was smaller. But then I had babies and it got bigger and the fitting problem was still there. I think, in my case, that it is the shoulder down to bust measurement that I have to remember to adjust on ALL patterns. Somehow, I forget to take out 1/2-1 inch when it’s just a top, especially a stretch knit.
    Maybe I’ll dig around and find a book or article that teaches that particular alteration. Or ask one of the sewing teachers or sales assistants at G Street Fabrics.

  3. stacy

    The onionskin has a pretty good amount of stretch in it (nice recovery too). I’m not quite sure how to take out fabric in this particular pattern (I sometimes have to do the same in the shoulder to bust area too) since the sleeves and bodice are all one piece. I wonder if you could make a series of darts?

  4. linda

    The Kimono Top turned out so well! I’m not familiar with onion skin. Did you line your top? I’ve been wanting something thinner than cotton for a top, but don’t want it to be see-through. What do you think? Thanks for the link to Emma One Sock. I hadn’t been there before.

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