Fall Planning

Today’s cooler temperatures (we’re going to be 20+ degrees cooler today than yesterday’s high of 103) have pushed my fall planning into high gear.

So what’s on my list so far?
Kwik Sew 3434. I figure I’ve got to sew something from the ’80’s this year. I’ll skip the stretch velvetvelour like the model is wearing and go for a sweater knit instead.
I am still on a quest for the perfect pair of pants – this time I plan on trying out Jalie 2561. From what I’ve read on Pattern Review, their cut is very similar to Express‘ Editor Pant. Along with it, I plan on making a (matching?) vest.
Simplicity 4074 caught my eye quite awhile ago, not just because of the wrap dress, but because of the 2 piece skirt and top. I’ve already purchased material for this one – a nice burgandycranberry knit.
I love coats, so Simplicty 4109 – a Built by Wendy Pattern (the coat, not the cape thing) is high on my list. I found some wonderful light pink wool coating, but after visualizing it in my head, I’m not sure how the coat will look in pink (maybe something double-breasted for this fabric instead?). I certainly don’t need another black coat – so I’ll probably have to go back to the drawingboard with this one. If I don’t wind up making this jacket right away, then I plan on using her book, Sew U to make several pair of pants and tops.
The latest issue of Burda World of Fashion has a great looking pullover top – I’m still looking for the right fabric to use (it requires more yardage that what I had expected), but I like the fact this looks easy and fast to sew up!
I have several projects marked in Amy Butler’s In Stitches book – a kimono and pj bottoms just to name a few. I’m waiting to order some of her new fabric before I start these.
If you’ll notice, none of these have been added to the sidebar yet. Why? I seem to get so sidetracked and excited by new designs that these may never make it out of the concept stage. Planning for sewing is (almost) as fun as sewing itself!
So, what is everyone else planning?

6 thoughts on “Fall Planning

  1. Amy

    Wow–you’ve got all sorts of stuff lined up! Last night I just finished a dress for my neice’s one year birthday, so now I’m deciding what I want to do next. Yes, I agree, now that we are into August, it is time to stop thinking of short sleeved things, and now onto long sleeved stuff! But I think my next project is going to still squeeze in another short sleeved shirt–the BWOF linen shirt from June I believe (maybe July?) I’ve got the fabric washed, I just need to trace out the pattern and cut it out –I’m hoping to work on that tonight! And then after that, I’m going to attempt one of those jeans into skirt things–I have some tan jeans that were given to me that I’m going to try it with! Oh boy! Happy sewing!

  2. linda

    That is one ambitious list! The pants and the dress are my favorite. If it were 20 degrees cooler here, I might be motivated as well. As it is, I’ll be lucky if I get a tank top made while I can still wear it. :o)

  3. bernadette

    I am planning to make that same Simplicity 4020 “Kimono” sleeve top that you are working on. I’ll use a mainly red, large-floral printed “buttermilk” knit. Since I have not sewn an actual garment for awhile, that will be comfortable little project.
    Your fun blog (really, thanks!)and my recent visit to Vogue Fabrics in the Chicago area have rekindled my garment-sewing desires. I also have some other beautiful fabrics in my stash, just awaiting my attention.
    Cheap prices at stores like Marshall’s and Nordstom Rack have seduced me the last couple years and I often would shop before I thought about sewing. Being a sewer makes me a better shopper, however, so I buy only things that are well-designed, well-made, good fabrics, and maybe would be a pain to make (10 buttonholes, yards of chiffon ruffles, etc).
    I have learned over the years to BUY slacks and jeans. I can try on dozens in one place and find a great fit whereas fitting a commercial pattern and sewing a great pair is less likely and just not worth it for me, anyway. But I know older women who sew most of their own clothes – even tailored slacks, silk blouses, swimsuits, even bras! And none of their clothes look at all “home-made” so it can be done.
    Anyway, I really enjoy sewing and I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. So I plan to sew more!

  4. Dana

    Ohh I made Simpllicity 4074, the shorter dress without the belt. It fits like a dream. The only change I made was adding cuffs. It’s a heavy dress and 3/4 sleeves just didn’t cut it.

  5. Stacy

    Bernadette – I’m with you about the pants. Most of the time it’s not worth it to make them myslef (mostly because I have to make too many muslins). I find I make more pants when I’m trying to make something more unusal that I can’t seem to find in stores. Or I’ve become completely disgusted after trying pant after pant on in the store!
    Dana – I just checked your blog and saw the dress – I love it and the shoes too! Do you think that it ran pretty true to your pattern size or did you have to go up or down a size to ge such a good fit?

  6. Cherie

    I said on another blog this morning that the process of planning is almost as fun as the final projects! You read my mind. Love the possibilities!

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