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Now that my Duro dress is complete, the laundry has been washed and put away (it was litterally spilling out of the laundry basket and onto the floor in a very large mound), 4 pairs of pants have been hemmed (and I have mastered my blind hem foot), and the refrigerator is stocked – what’s a girl to do? Start another project of course!

This time I am looking to start something that might get finished up fairly quickly (I like those instant gratification garments every now and then) so I’ve opted to try one of Simplicity’s new patterns, 4020 – the kimono-esque top. And I decided to use my new geisha onionskin for the fabric (I’m keeping it all in a theme today).
I also forgot to mention that my newest issue of Patrones arrived last week! After spending some time thumbing through it, I’ve decided that this issue is definately better in person than what it is on the web. One of the items that ranks high on my must make list is this little number from Paz Torras:

Of course, I can’t just stop at planning these projects. No, I also have a strong desire to make some plushies too – and I found the perfect book, Aranzi Aronzo’s Jersey Nuigurumi to make some. Some of the doll shapes remind me of Cuddly Rigor Mortis plush items. Either I must own one of her plushies or make one like hers and this book might help me to do it!

8 thoughts on “New Project

  1. stacy

    Lately, I’ve been getting mine through ebay – the seller’s name is stoff-art-auktionen. They’re from Germany, but speak English. I’ve been getting mine about 10-12 days after I’ve ordered them.

  2. Bernadette

    For plushies, you might like a new book called: “Stupid Sock Creatures” by John Murphy. I first saw it on (fiber arts supplier) a few days ago.

  3. Anary

    Great choices for your next projects..You are ending the season with STYLE!!
    I am a fan of that Patrones skirt!

  4. bernadette

    I picked up that Simplicity 4020 pattern yesterday for $1.99. I think I might use the fabric I bought at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL last weekend.
    The fabric, upon closer inspection appears to be what emma-one-sock calls “buttermilk”. It’s great. I totally love the drape. Apparently it’s a super-fine microfiber poly/spandex micro knit! Mine is red with a large, spaced, stylized floral in shades of deepest navy (almost black), light grey, and lightest khaki/cream which reads as a very pale peach when printed onto the red. The fabric as a whole “reads” as red, my favorite color. Very “kimono” print look. Or victorian wallpaper maybe! I bought all they had left – 2 3/4 yds of 60″ wide.
    That 4020 pattern has a nice kimono top look, but modern. I like view “E” best for myself. Being only 5’3″ the longer, banded sleeves or dolmans would make me look all droopy and wide. In winter, I can wear it over a thin, tight black or navy turtleneck. I also bought a kimono/haori jacket/obi belt pattern by June Colburn (Simplicity 5839) but it calls for more yardage than I have, even just for the jacket version. And it doesn’t call for a knit fabric. I would make the kimono dress knee-length. It would be nice to wear to museums, out to dinner in a nice place, etc. Dressy but still fun.
    (I notice the “big” sleeve look is one of the current trends – big sleeves of all kinds’ Though maybe not always practical.)
    I imagine Stacy will be wearing her top several times before I get mine done! It’s still too hot or humid here for polyester or even anything with sleeves! And I don’t currently have a sewing room so have to move around the house to cut/sew. I get lazy. But just THINKING about sewing makes me happy!

  5. Stacy

    I wound up picking the one with the longer sleeves – I figure that if it looks like they are going to be too big or silly looking on me, I’ll just cut them down to the smaller size before I put in the sleeve hem. They sort of remind me of the width of the Duro sleeves, so I think that I might be o.k. with it? I’ll be keeping you posted! I’m hoping to have this finished by Tuesday when my daughter’s school has an open house.

  6. Kristin Tercek

    Hi Stacy! Just happened upon your blog here and noticed that you’re a fan of my plushes. I’m always flattered to see that people like my work. Seeing as I started sewing just a year ago I think you should have no problem coming up with a better plush than me! Maybe we could work out an arrangement seeing as I’m always looking for sewing help — tips for plushes! Anyway, thanks for the mention and continue sewing — kris

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