The Stacy Sews Story

When I started up this site, I just sort of jumped right in – neglecting to mention anything about myself or how I got started sewing. So, this entry is all about my sewing experiences, then and now.

If you talk to my mother, she would mention that when I was little, I used to ‘design’ Barbie clothes. Apparently, I spent a great deal of time drawing elaborate gowns for her – and at times trying to sew them up (by hand). That must have been a passing fancy since that’s about as far as my sewing got until I hit the 8th grade and took a home economics class. When we got to the sewing unit, we were told to make a sweatshirt – what a horrible experience that was. I think that I got as far as cutting the pattern and fabric out before I was gone for two weeks from school because my appendix ruptured. By the time that I came back, everyone was in the process of finishing up their sweatshirt. I remember having problems sewing the material, understanding the directions, etc. and didn’t have any direction from the teacher since I was so far behind. I wound up bringing the sweatshirt home and trying to sew it up there, but I think that my mom eventually just finished it up for me. After that experience, I vowed I would never sew again!
Fast forward several years. After having Taylor and spending lots of time at home, I decided that I needed a new hobby. I tried lots of things, like taking up drawing again (something that I really enjoyed doing through high school and college), decoupage, etc. After watching lots of episodes of Sandra Betzina’s show, Sew Perfect, I decided that maybe I might try my hand at sewing (I loved how she made sewing look fun and not too difficult to try out). I invested in a floor model White 1999 Jeans Machine, a New Look pajama pattern for Taylor (who was about 1 at the time), and some cotton fabric. The worst part of the whole experience was learning how to thread that darn machine! I swear that it took 2 hours for me to get it right, but I did it and made some pjs. Of course, the pajamas were WAY too big (I neglected to follow the size chart) and I sewed the pants with one leg right side out and the other wrong side out, but I completed a garment and had the confidence to keep on sewing (and I learned a lot from my mistakes)!
That was 7-8 years ago and since then, I’ve managed to go through 2 more sewing machines (but have kept the White model for Taylor to use), a serger, a (small) emboidery machine, and an ever growning pattern and fabric stash. So, a special thank you to Sandra Betzina for being my inspiration to start up this hobby and continue it, even when things don’t always turn out as planned.

10 thoughts on “The Stacy Sews Story

  1. Anary

    I am just glad you went back on your idea on quit sewing..Now you are an inspiration and a great help to us!

  2. bernadette

    Stacy. one of the things I like about your blog is your on-going story as an experimental and adventurous seamstress. You capture the fun of sewing! It reminds me of my early years of sewing – self-taught, like you.
    Newly married at age 20, having very little money, I sewed to have clothes to wear to work (we had to wear dresses/skirts back then)and to make curtains.
    One outfit, made without any pattern and consisting of a skirt and rectangular shawl, was made from 2 yards of a 26-cent-a-yard drapery remnant, which I used wrong-side-out because the weave design was better on the back. I didn’t figure out that I had used the “wrong side” for awhile. And I received complements on it for years, including once while shopping in upscale Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. I still have the shawl, 35 years later! (The skirt seemed too short as styles changed over the years but I still regret giving it to Goodwill years ago because it would now make a great tote bag!!!

  3. linda

    It’s interesting to me to hear the stories of other people who sew. Thanks for sharing yours. I am self-taught as well, but have heard that taking sewing classes would be a great way to learn more. But for now, while the kids are young, I’ll continue to learn by making mistakes.

  4. Melissa

    Oh I love Sandra Betzina and sure wish Sew Perfect was still on, I used to watch them when my daughter was Taylor’s age too (they are about the same age). So fun to read your story about how you came to sewing! 🙂

  5. Jaime Guthals

    Stacy, I received your request for a review copy of Customizing Cool and will send one out as soon as our stock arrives. The book’s publication is not until October. Thanks for your interest. –Jaime Guthals

  6. Melissa

    I am so happy to have found your blog, and will continue to read it as long as you continue to post.
    After taking a sewing class, I decided I didn’t learn much other than how to thread a machine. However, I discovered that sewing is a hobby I truly enjoy and a great stress release after my three kiddos are in bed. I just wish I had MORE time to do it!
    Keep at it!

  7. madmommy

    Have we met? I believe we both live in the same part of KS…drop me a line, I’d love to get together sometime…thank you for talking about Needle Nook, I’m glad I’ve found them!

  8. Amy

    Dear Stacy: I found your website by accident this morning and can’t stop reading! You are such an inspiration and so generous to share your ideas and projects! Keep adding new stuff! for so many years I’ve felt “alone” because I was always the youngest one in sewing classes etc. and none of my girlfriends sew. finally someone my age that sews fun stuff! I don’t even know you but I feel like I found a sewing sister! love your site! keep sewing!

  9. jemima bean

    Stacy, we must have started sewing at the same time! I too had home ec in school…and we had to make a JACKET! My mom made mine, LOL.
    Started sewing for my dd (who is 9 now) and can’t imagine what I ever did without it! Great blog, btw.

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