The Duro Is Done

Since Bret and Taylor were gone fishing, I had the opportunity to have some uninterrupted sewing time – enough time to finish my Duro dress!

Let me start off by saying that I made the dress as is. I think that everything fit well until it came to the length. ‘Vertically Challenged’ individuals, such as myself, should really think about altering this pattern BEFORE sewing it. Take a look:

There’s a lot of material going on between the midriff band and the bottom band – with these little stubs of legs peaking out from the hem. I think that this dress actually made me look shorter and look like I might be ‘expecting’. I definately couldn’t wear it out like this, so I went back to the drawing board. I had two options: 1) cut this off to a more flattering length or 2) make this into a top similar to Hot Pattern’s Wong-Singh-Jones Shanghai Tunic. I decided to go for option one since I could always go back and make this a top.
So, I decided that this dress needed to be above the knee – sort of a babydoll Duro. Doing this required me to take off 4 inches on the dress itself and about an inch on the bottom band (the bottom band is pretty large and I think that it needed to be scaled down some). Taking off 4 inches in length also took off some of the ‘flare’ at the bottom, which I also think looks a bit more flattering on me as well (I think that the total circumfernce of the bottom hem was about 10″ smaller than the original size). With all those alterations, here is my completed Duro:

You can’t get the full effect of how much better this looks since Taylor was my photographer and cut off my feet in the picture, but I think you get the general idea. She also liked this dress quite a bit and said it looked like something you would see on Project Runway (so you know that it looks very trendy). Now, my next challenge is to find some shoes to go with this dress!

15 thoughts on “The Duro Is Done

  1. Melissa

    I like the shorter dress, it looks great on you! I’m not vertically challenged (I’m 5’5″ so pretty average), but I don’t find dresses and skirts that are below the knee very flattering on me so I always end up shortening them. So glad to see what the dress looks like shortened and hopefully I can get around to making mine before it goes out of style.

  2. angie

    Wow Stacy you are fast!
    I love it – I have got to make at least one of these.
    I agree, the shorter lenght looks loads better!

  3. joi

    wow! it looks so good short! i really want to make one, and i think mine is going to have to be short too… im a shortypants, myself

  4. Anary

    Yes! Taylor is right..this is PR material! Great fabric combo! One more great job from you!
    Very very beautiful.

  5. Susan

    I like the prints you used, very cool! Yep, I think it looks better shorter. I’m a shortie too. I try to stay right at knee length.

  6. bernadette

    Very fun print choices!
    I am only 5’3″ and a bit short-waisted. I know the pattern companies draft for about 5’6″ or more these days so I now alter patterns a LOT before I cut fabric. For a more fitted dress than the Duro, for instance, I will usually remove a half inch between neck & waist, one-half to one inch between waist & hip or thigh and 2-3 inches between thigh & hem. If it’s slacks, I do part of that leg reduction in knee-ankle length. Similar, but smaller changes for my sleeves.
    One trick I learned at a sewing expo is to always alter the length BEFORE altering the width.
    Your alterations really improved that dress. Good job!

  7. linda

    Wow – it looks really great, and your are such a speedy seamstress! I stress about making clothes! I, too, am vertically challenged. I was looking at some Japanese pattern books the other day and their sizes apparently convert to US petite sizes. I’m wondering if I might have more success with something that is made for a shorter person…

  8. Linda L

    Your dress looks great! I left comment on Pattern Review. When you get a moment go to my blog and read about my meeting VP-Simplicity and my duro dress.

  9. cmarie12

    Stacy ~ length can be a deal breaker with many outfits! So glad that you shortened your version! I also think your fabric choices are unique and very different from what everyone else has been using for their dresses! Are you going to make another one?

  10. bernadette

    Your short Duro would also look great worn with cut-off tights, legwarmers, whatever they now call them – ending at upper or lower calf (not mid-calf)- for Fall/Winter, of course! And maybe also with a thin,tight scoop-neck t-shirt. Versatile dress you made!

  11. Stacy

    I probably won’t make another one, only because they are so trendy, but I may shorten it up and make a top from it.
    I like the tight idea! I actually like that they’ve come back, even though I remember wearing them back in the ’80’s.

  12. bernadette

    This is late in the topic but…
    In ready-to-wear, I am seeing cool versions of this dress with the front bands crossed over where they meet the waisband. It looks good – more like a kimono wrap. I think it would be easy to alter any of the duro-like patterns to accomplish this.

  13. Oasis

    I’ve just dicovered your blog today and I love what you do.I made quite the same dress than you made in an another style, east european style. You can see it on my blog but it’s in french.
    No language is necessary to understand sewing passion :o)) See you soon on your blog!

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