Just In Time For The Weekend

I bet you never thought that I would finish my jacket, but I’m happy to report, the In K Designs jacket is complete (the completed project photo is on the sidebar) – and just in time for the weekend!

I love the way that this jacket turned out, but it took a lot longer to finish that what I had expected. I managed to hand sew the jacket hem (which is quite the accomplishment for me) and I think that it turned out the best that I’ve ever done. I’m not much for hand sewing, but I took my time and made nice, small, even stitches.
Setting in the sleeves was not what I had expected. The cap sleeves of this jacket are only sewed about 3/4 of the way around the arm hole. The rest of it is finished by using bias tape. It’s not as polished around this inside area of the jacket as the rest, but I suppose no one is going to see it. Other than that, this jacket is FABULOUS and I love the fact when you unbutton it, I flash everyone a bit of color!
I’ve put up a more detailed review of this jacket on Pattern Review’s site.

5 thoughts on “Just In Time For The Weekend

  1. linda

    Wow – the jacket turned out really nicely! I’m with you – I really dislike handsewing anything. Even if I take the time, it’s hard for my stitches to stay even.
    I made curtains that were unhemmed for ages until my mom couldn’t stand it anymore and hemmed them for me. Now that’s enabling! Next time, I’m sewing curtain hems on the machine.

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