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The mailman has been good to me today – not only did I recieve my copy of Ottobre’s Autumn issue (wow, was that FAST), but my copy of Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe.

I’ve only taken a quick peek at this, so I’ll save my impressions for a full review. However, it does contain 3 Made by Wendy Simplicity patterns – have no fear, these are new patterns and not the same as those currently in the Simplicity catalogs. WHEW! Be looking for a full review of this book over the next few days!

5 thoughts on “Weekday Reads

  1. linda

    I had never heard of Built By Wendy before a week ago on your blog. Then when I was on Amazon, the book popped up when I was looking at Amy Butler’s new sewing book. Looking forward to reading your review.

  2. suzq

    Where did you order your copy of the “Sew U” book? I thought it’s only available in September!? Tell us more about the 3 free patterns, please!

  3. Anonymous

    Cool!!! Hurry up & read it so that you can review it! What are the patterns? Also did you see that Hot Patterns has a new line out? I think that some of the PR ladies need to form a round robin so that we can try out all the HP patterns! LOL!
    Loved the bag you got by the way in your swap!

  4. Stacy

    I’m currently about 1/2 through the book so expect a very late night review! But to give a bit of a teaser – The 3 patterns included are a skirt, button down shirt, and low-ish rise (modern cut) boot cut pant.
    And those hot patterns! Wow, I’m in love with the entire collection, it’s completly my style.

  5. Kelly

    Stacy, you are really the best. The Hotpatterns are really nice. And looks like most of them are somewhat easy to make. I love the unlined martini jacket. Might have to pick that one up.
    Are you done yet? I’m getting impatient… tap, tap, tap. 😉

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