Sunday’s Post Part 1

Well, we’re back!

I went to the Kansas City bridal fair with a friend – I ate entirely too much cake, chocolate dipped fruit, and creamy dips while I was there! The fashion show was fun, but extremely loud – I almost lost my voice trying to talk over it! Then it was out for a night on the town. Even though we stayed at a hotel on the Plaza (and very near Crown Center) I never managed to make it to Cy Rudnick’s Fine Fabrics. I’ll be going back for sure in September, so maybe I’ll get a chance then.
When I came back home tonight, in the mailbox was my swap bag! It’s so pretty and beautifully made!
I’ll be posting pictures tonight of all the weekend fun and my swap bag later on tonight in Sunday’s Part 2 post.

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Post Part 1

  1. lori

    Can’t wait to see your photos.
    Stacy, have you ever taken an online class through If so, was it worth it?

  2. Stacy

    Actually, I haven’t. I’ve wanted to, but I’m not sure how I would do taking a class without having someone standing over me telling me I’m doing something wrong! LOL
    Are you thinking about taking a class? OOOOH, which one?

  3. Amy

    I’ve taken an on-line class before from patternreview–I took the making the dress form with the duct tape one. I had no problmes with the format –and I was happy with the results. The class had wonderful PDF instructions, and the chats were really good, too. Just my two cents!

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