Weekend Postings

Let me start off this post with a little something sewing related – Anne St Clair, owner of NeedleNook Fabrics and bra guru, has a book coming out titled “Intimately Yours, Bras that Fit.” I had a chance to skim over this book the last time I was in her shop. From what I saw, it’s very in depth and has lots of photographs (170 of them). If you’re interested in making your own bras, this looks like a great reference book to have in your library. Right now the only way to order one is by contacting her shop directly.

So now on to not so sewing related items. Sunday’s posting will be a little late, Bret and I are going out of town this weekend. Saturday afternoon, I’m going to a Bridal Fair with a friend (Bret is left to fend for himself at Cabellas). Then in the evening, we’re out for a night on the town with several other couples. I’m going out armed with a camera, so hopefully, I’ll have some pictures to post on Sunday.