Summer Flip Flops

It’s Friday already! Where has this week gone? For one, both Taylor and I were the recipients of a flip-flop chain letter.

So what is a flip flop chain letter? According to the instructions, you make a pair of flip-flops for the first person listed, you remove their name from the list, bump the person in the #2 slot to #1, and add your name to the #2 slot – then send to 6 friends. The idea behind it is, craft one pair of flip flops and get 36 in return. I’ll be suprised if we get anything sent to us at all, but Taylor an I are crafty people so we played along. Here’s our results:

My version is on the left and Taylor is wearing the ones she designed. If you decide to make a feathered pair for yourself, be prepared for a mess, those small feathers fly everywhere!
In other exciting news………. my swap partner has mailed off my bag! I am so excited to see what I get! Unfortunately, it will probably arrive on Saturday and I’m not going to be here to get it. Drat! At least I have something to look forward to when I come home on Sunday.

One thought on “Summer Flip Flops

  1. Lori

    My 11 yo twins received the flip flop chain letter in June. They received 11 pairs in all and were so excited when the mail came. Your flip flop creations are very cute.

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