More Books Coming Down The Pipe

Yesterday’s Amy Butler book review has got me on a roll discussing books – the crafty kind.

First off, Gawker announced yesterday that the authors of one of my favorite websites,Go Fug Yourself, have just gotten a book deal (alright, so they’re not completely sewing related)! These ladies update their site frequently, are absolutely hillarious, and right on the money about celebrity fashion don’ts. I’m looking forward to their snarky commentary on paper.
Speaking of snarky – the ladies at Threadbared will soon have a book hitting the shelves this November, Threadbared: Decades of Don’ts from the Sewing and Crafting World. If their book is half as good as their site, I’m sure that it is going to do well.
And then there is my new favorite designer, Wendy Mullin. I am still awaiting my copy of Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe. Sadly, I’m begining to think that it won’t show. However, if it does, be assured that I’ll be reviewing it!
It’s been awhile since I knitted anything, but since cooler weather isn’t that far away, I started searching for some new reading material. Keep in mind that I am a novice knitter, so magazines like Vogue Knitting are beyond my abilities. One of the first books I purchased last year was Lion Brand Yarn: Just Scarves: Favorite Patterns to Knit and Crochet. I thought that it was perfect for a beginner and managed to make 2 great looking scarves from it. So, now I’m wondering if their book, Lion Brand Yarn: Just Bags: 30 Patterns to Knit and Crochet is any good? Does anyone out there have this book? or managed to look at it while at a bookstore? or have any suggestions for a good knitting book?

2 thoughts on “More Books Coming Down The Pipe

  1. Nina

    Have you checked out the Lion Brand website? They have a ton of free projects and directions on there. A ton!
    Am enjoying your musings. Not as much of an Amy Butler fan as you, but can’t wait to hear about the Built By Wendy book.

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