In Stitches: The Review

For everyone who reguarly reads this site, you already know that I am a huge Amy Butler fan. So, it’s no suprise that her upcoming book, Amy Butler’s In Stitches: More Than 25 Simple and Stylish Sewing Projects was high on my must read list. I recieved my review copy yesterday and I spent the entire day pouring over it’s pages – and I must say that it far exceeded my expectations (and they were already pretty high).

First off , let me say that this book rivals anything Martha has ever put out. For each project there is at least one color photograph that beautifully displays the end product – and there are almost 30 different projects included in this book. All the patterns are safely kept in a cute envelope in the front, while the rest of the book is bound by a spiral spine (a fantastic idea so your pages don’t flip around while you’re trying to use them). There’s a little bit of someting for everyone to sew up with this book too, advanced and beginners alike.
Now lets talk about what kind of projects are included in In Stitches. Amy cleverly breaks each of her projects down by rooms of the house – from the bedroom and bath to the kitchen and home office (and personal style projects for those fun items that are for outside the home). The home deocor items range from pillows, throws and duvet covers to placemats and pot holders. Amy also includes a number of wearable items as well, including aprons, kimono-style bathrobes, and wide-leg lounge pants. And let’s not forget her famous bag patterns – she’s got several of those included in the book as well. I think that it’s important to note that all of the patterns in In Stitches are new as well. There’s no re-hashing of her current line here!
Amy’s instructions are written so that anyone can follow them – no technical language or jargon. They’re accompanied by lots of illustrations to help clairify steps. Additionally, there’s a “simple techniques and basic equipment” section of the book to help further explain any procedures. For anyone that’s ever sewn an Amy Butler pattern before, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you won’t be dissapointed. For those who have never picked one up – you’re in for a treat, they are nothing like the “big 4” patterns you may be used to.
This book is a definate ‘must have’ for any Amy Butler fan or sewing enthusiast. But, after reading it, I’m left with one burning question, what I’m going to make first – a purse? a bedside organizer? or a hanging toiletry basket? a desktop organizer?…….

5 thoughts on “In Stitches: The Review

  1. Kelly

    GASP! You got an advance copy of In Stitches! Good for you. I’m happy to hear that it’s going to be an excellent book. What are the new bag patterns like?

  2. Stacy

    Kelly – as soon as I got this in the mail I thought of you! I almost emailed you before I put this post up.
    The bags are great. There is a cute organizer clutch (pockets for credit cards, an area for the checkbook, mini calculator, etc.), a clutch handbag with a fabric flower (measures 17″ x 7″), a simple leather handled shoulder bag (kind of sack like with a drawstring), and my personal favorite – the patchwork handbag with zippered charm (it’s rectangular in shape and measures 5″ x 5″ x 17″).
    Her clothes are great too – I especially love the pjs and robe.
    After reading it, I’m hoping that she makes more books like this.

  3. Helen

    My Amazon wishlist is growing daily and I hold you responsible!!!
    There are so many good sewing books due out in Autumn, my credit card is going to be working overtime. Thanks for a great review!

  4. Kelly

    Stacy, very nice of you to think of me! I just cut out my Betty Shopper last night. The shape isn’t what I was expecting. Not as large as it seems in the photos.
    So did the book show up as a surprise, or did AB herself ask you to review it? How exciting. Is it the printed book sent from Chronicle? I’m so curious.

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