It’s time to go back to work on my jacket – until it’s finished! I spent a little bit of time on it over the weekend and this is what I’ve got so far:

The back of the jacket needs to have the hem put in. The last time I made this jacket, I cut the hem off and applied binding, so I didn’t notice how much fabric there was in this area. It doesn’t say to do it, but I’m going to have to ease in the hem a bit – and sew it down by hand or figure out how to make a blind hem again on my machine. I’m probably better off doing the latter, since I already know that I’m going to have to take up the hem of my bridesmaid’s dress.
I’m going to also have to find a button to go with it. I’m leaning toward something black, but if I could find something crazy looking like the lining fabric, I’d pick that up in a heartbeat! After that, all I have left is the sleeves. I may get to wear this out this weekend when we go to the Plaza! Now, if I wear this, I’m going to have to have some suggestions as to what would go with it. Anyone?

2 thoughts on “Sleeveless

  1. Amy

    Great work on the jacket! The pink dress your dressform wears sort of goes with it (and the lining!)–so maybe some pink skirt or capris would like nice. Of course, black capris would be good–how about your new Wendy pants? Is the Plaza also known as the Riverwalk or something like that? My husbands brother and his family life in Overland Park, and when we were visiting there a few years ago, we went down there for supper at the Cheesecake factory. I was wondering if it might not be the same place–very high end stores, etc. Have a great time regardless!

  2. stacy

    I was thinking about the Wendy pants, but was wondering if it would look weird since they are two different fabrics. The jacket is a sateen – so it’s got a lot more shine to it than the pants.
    Yes, that’s the place! In fact, we were talking about going to the Cheesecake Factory – can’t pass up those avacodo egg rolls and Godiva chocolate cheesecake.

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