Bag Swap Complete!

Considering that this will be the third consecutive post on my swap bag, I am sure everyone will be happy to hear that it is finally complete (photos are posted, just continue reading)!
So, just to break it up a bit, I wanted to point out that Liana at Fashioned has posted a number of fall 2006 runway pics this week. A great place to visit for some sewing inspiration – not to mention the fact that I am in love with this All Milly dress.

And now for some completed swap bag photos!
The Front:

The Back:

I have to say, I really like the shape of this bag and was really suprised at how easy it was to put together. I may make one for myself sometime in the future. Now to make my way to the post office and mail it off!

5 thoughts on “Bag Swap Complete!

  1. Anary

    WOw…The bag came out stuning! You are a true artist!
    Why? Why? Why did you have to link that Mily dress….Buaaaa…I want one!..
    Let’s find a pattern for it!!!!

  2. Anary

    Oh, I forgot to ask…What is that pretty pink thing hanging on the other side if the iron bard? : )
    Snoppy..who me?! No way ..HAHHA

  3. Stacy

    The pink part you see in the picture is my Marilyn Monroe “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” dress. I had made it several years ago for Halloween (Bret was Elvis that year). I keep it on my dressform – for some reason, I don’t like to keep it naked!

  4. brooke

    hey i love the bag i am totally into tropicals and my daughter and i have been looking for the perfect blue fabric… where did you find yours? and how did they sell it? by the yard? please let me know thanks 🙂

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