In Today’s Mail….

Well, finally, my bag swap fabric arrived! It’s great (see below for a posted photo and no peeking andreamarie!) and well worth the wait! After studying it, I’ve definately decided to use the Rebecca Bag style from the Carry With Style book. I can’t wait to get this project started!

I also recieved my Jalie 2320, jean jacket pattern that I had purched from a classified on Pattern Review. I know that it’s going to be 105 outside today, but I can’t wait to start sewing for fall!
And now, a picture of the long awaited fabric:

As for the lining of the bag, I chose a print that looks like ocean waves – it’s a bit darker in color (more dark navys) than the muscle man fabric, but I think that it ties it all together. I hope my partner likes it when I’m finished.

2 thoughts on “In Today’s Mail….

  1. lori

    Cute fabric. I can’t wait to see your jean jacket. I have been seriously thinking of making a jean jacket too. I just have been trying to decide between the Jalie or Kwik Sew jean jacket.

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