More Bags

Depending on what television station you watched or what bank you passed by, our temperatures yesterday ranged from 107-101 degrees. UGH. Needless to say, we retreated to the basement for much of the day.

Taylor decided that she wanted to start another sewing project. She had sifted through my patterns and books and settled on the Tulip Purse (with feather trim) from the Carry With Style book. She traced the pattern pieces (there were 3) and I helped her pin and cut the fabirc (fortunately, I had enough remnant fabric from my Bon Appetit apron to squeeze out a front and back) – I even had some purse handles in my stash that are going to work perfectly.
The only thing I didn’t have enough of was interfacing. I have some Peltex, but I think that may be too much for Taylor to work with – it’s just too stiff and bulky. So, I made my way to Joanns. While I was there, I picked up more Built by Wendy patterns. I believe I now have the entire collection!

6 thoughts on “More Bags

  1. Kelly

    Oh cute! I hope she enjoys making the bag. I’m jealous that you have the whole Built By Wendy collection. I didn’t get to JoAnns for the Simplicity sale. Nuts.

  2. Amy

    That’s great Taylor wants to do another project! And hanging out in the basement means its a perfect day for that! I didn’t pay attention they were having a Simplicity sale. Nuts from me, too! Oh well, next time!

  3. linda

    It was 104 here yesterday and I’m so bummed that we don’t have a basement! A basement sure would be nice this time of year.
    What fun that Taylor wants to sew! How old is she? My 5 year old wants to sew as well, but I’m too nervous to let him use the machine.
    I haven’t heard of Built by Wendy patterns. I’ll have to look into those.

  4. Stacy

    Taylor just turned 9 in June. She made a pair of pj pants already this summer and has been talking about making a purse ever since.
    We were 108 (like 4 degress more makes much of a difference at that point!) yesterday – and the basement felt good. I think having basements in Kansas is almost a requirement, between the heat and tornados, we need them here!
    Built by Wendy is a designer out of NY – she has a book coming out in September (Sew U) and has 4 or 5 patterns for simplicity – they are cute and trendy!

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