Packages In The Mail

I’ve been so busy lately that I had completely forgotten about my Burda World of Fashion magazine…. so, I was completely thrilled when I saw it in my mailbox. I also got a package from the ebay seller that I purchased fabric from for the bag swap.

I excitedly opened the package – thrilled at the prospect I could start my bag tonight, only to be COMPLETELY dissapointed in what I saw. Instead of my fabric that I purchased, I got teacups! ARRRRRR. I’ve contacted the seller, but this really puts me way behind on starting this bag, even if I get the fabric soon. I’m thinking this isn’t going to go well and I’m eventually going to have to settle on something else.

7 thoughts on “Packages In The Mail

  1. Amy

    Teacups??? Oh my goodness–that’s a big mess-up! When do you have to have the bag finished? That seller should send you that fabric overnight!

  2. stacy

    The date got extended by a few days so it has to be sent by July 29th. I’ve sent an email and hope to hear something by tomorrow (crossing fingers). Let’s hope there’s a good resolution to this!

  3. Anary

    I am so sorry to hear that you got tea cups! Oy vey! Do not let this put you down…one more reason to have double the fun! You can do it! Keep it up! I hope everything will run smooth from now on!

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Stacy! What a bummer! I feel your pain. A little while ago I bought 2 vintage patterns from Ebay. When I got them one was not the right pattern. I e-mailed the seller only to find out that my pattern had gone to a garage sale when it was mixed up with the one that I got. The lady felt really bad(there was also a delay in getting my package b/c she wrote the address wrong & had the package come soon I might have prevented my pattern from it’s garage sale fate). She offered me 2 more patterns of my choice from the ones she was going to list on Ebay & sent them at no charge. She also told me to keep the other pattern. I hope that your seller will come up with an equally generous solution! Fingers crossed for you that things work out!!!

  5. Kelly

    oh no! teacups… while it seems a bit comical, I’m sure you were quite annoyed. What fabric are you looking for? I’m sure I missed this in one of your previous posts.

  6. Stacy

    Well all your good thoughts lead to a resolution – they sent out new fabric today (sigh of relief!).
    I don’t think that I really described the fabric well since I was afraid that my swap partner might accidently stumble across it and get a hint of what it looked like. So, I’ll post a link – and if your my partner, no peeking:
    Since she likes beaches, I thought it was ‘perfect’, it seems fun too and screamed summer to me. What do you guys think?

  7. Anonymous

    Oh that is too funny! I think that she is going to really love it! Can’t wait to see it made up!

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