Sewing Therapy

I sort of had a bad day yesterday – which put me in a grouchy mood in the afternoon. Bret was very sweet and took Taylor out for awhile. So I sat myself infront of the sewing machine and started working on my new jacket.

I interfaced all the pieces, serged all the raw edges of the fabric (since this jacket is unlined, I want it to look pretty if I take it off), and attached the front piece to the side front. By the time they came home, I was in a much better mood – sewing is so therapeutic! Even the drudgery of adding interfacing was enjoyable.
So, who else finds sewing therapeutic?

7 thoughts on “Sewing Therapy

  1. Kim

    I definitely find it therapeutic!!I have sewed my entire life and I am lost without it! I have tried a couple of times to not sew because of life being so busy and always determine it is the only way of keeping myself together! I recently found your blog and enjoy reading it!! Thanks, Kim

  2. melanie

    I find it theraputic too although, if I spend too long at the machine I start to get sore. Whenever my husband goes away I tend to spend the whole weekend sewing so I don’t miss him too much (and because we live in a small apartment and it is easier to stretch out and be messy when no one else is around!)

  3. suzq

    I had a quarrel with a co-worker on Friday and that made me cry and feel sad the entire Saturday. Today, I pulled out an unfinished project to sew up the buttons. Voila, it’s not a bad blouse and that really made me feel much better. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow, with a good mood. I believe that it’s impossible for a woman to be in bad mood when she wears a beautiflly made new garment — by herself! Cheer up. I’d like to see more beautiful projects from you too. 🙂

  4. Lori

    Sewing is very therapeutic for me also. Having a bad day? just head for the sewing machine and I forget about everything. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Janet

    Sewing’s therapeutic qualities are exactly why I’ve been drawn back to it after a 10 year hiatus. I’m currently dealing with a difficult and frustrating client/project and if I hadn’t decided to get back in to sewing, I’d probably be on a therapist’s couch! : ) It’s also how I cost-justify replenishing my stash. I can buy a LOT of fabric for the cost of 2 hrs/week in therapy! : )

  6. linda

    Yes, sewing is my “apple”. :o) I really think there are a lot of people like us. For me, the really beautiful thing about sewing is that I can actually do something from start to finish. It seems like everything else about being a mom is neverending – the laundry, the dishes, the diapers, the cleaning. It is really therapeutic to finish something and say, “That’s done.”

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