Summer Bag Complete

Well, one day later, my bag for Pattern Review’s “Pick your Season” Handbag Contest is complete!

So, let’s talk about what all’s going on with this bag.
First off, the image you saw posted the other day was a June Tailor printable (colorfast) fabric sheet. I chose the colorfast option because I was afraid that rain, pool water, etc. would destroy any image that I would otherwise print out. It cost a bit more, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I also chose the printable fabric because I find the transfer papers tend to look like plastic when you’re done with it and I was afraid that I would ruin the image if I applied hot fix rhinestones to it. Making the image colorfast was much easier than I expected too. The final product still feels stiffer than what I would like, but hey, I made it into a pocket, not a shirt so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run.
After attaching the pocket to the bag, I set out on embelishing it – I felt like I needed a summer bag with some bling! So, I used my trusty hot fix rhinestones that I had purchased off of Ebay and went to work. This was the most time consuming part. The “Surf’s Up” easily took an hour to do (I had to quit for awhile to give my eyes, neck and back a rest so I have no idea the exact amount of time it too). After finishing that, it still looked a little ‘blah’ so I added some teeny tiny rhinestones to her bikini (which already had polka dots) and some to the car fender (each fender consists of a slightly smaller rhinestone size that the previous one above it) until I got this:

The construction of the bag was very easy and went together extremely fast. I decided on putting in an inner pocket using the hibiscus fabric for some contrast. I also made a label from the colorfast pocket fabric, just for fun.

The last thing I did was add extra large grommets to the bag. I really dreaded this part of the the process because I find grommets (eyelets, tack buttons, basically anything you have to hammer into your fabric) very frustrating. Normally, at least one gets bent out of shape so badly that you have to use pliers to rip it out. I was, however, pleasantly suprised at how nice they all turned out. The kit I had purchased not only had the shaft that you hammer but an anvil in the shape of the outer grommet face which kept it from bending and contorting out of shape when hammering. Instead of using a purchased ribbon (or tulle as suggested by the pattern), I made a tie from some satin that I found at Walmart (for 50 cents, you can’t beat that)!