Bags And Birthdays

After Taylor’s swimming lessons yesterday, we had the chance to visit various fabric stores around town to look for andreamarie’s swap bag fabric. I have to say, I was very dissapointed. So, I scoured the internet (and found lots that I even liked for myself, but I’m trying not to shop for me!) and have place a few bids on ebay for some great pieces! Let’s just hope I win (and get them in time to make her bag)!

Today is July 1 which also means:
1. Today is my husband’s, Bret, birthday! He is now older than me and I can hold this over his head for 3 months until I catch up.
2. It’s Canada Day! Happy Canada Day to everyone up north!
3. It’s time to start Pattern Review’s “Pick your Season” Handbag Contest! So far, this is all I have done:

One thought on “Bags And Birthdays

  1. Amy

    That picture for the handbag contest is so cute! Is that fabric or something you are going to scan onto fabric? This contest sounds so fun, I’m going to make a few things for it too–even though with all those creative people out there, I sure don’t expect to win! Still, it is fun to have another reason to sew!! Your handbag swap sounds fun, too–I’ll keep watching how that goes, and maybe I too, will join in a swap someday! Have a good 4th!

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