Monthly Archives: July 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho……

I’ve been working like a dog – and not on my sewing projects! It seems like the In K desings was in a holding pattern yesterday – although I did discover I made one mistake…… I cut the wrong fabric out for the interfacing. Instead of using the pattern print, I used the fashion fabric. OOPs! I plan on correcting this tonight.

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Holiday Shopping

Before spending the day blowing things up and eating chicken wings, I managed to make it out to Hancock’s Fourh of July sale yesterday. I picked up several patterns – including the Duro dress. I’ve seen this made up so many times and I decided that I have to make one, even if it doesn’t look great on me. I almost picked up fabric while I was there, but ultimately put it back – I think that I may find something better out there than what I had.

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