Fun, Quick Projects

I find that completing quick projects, whether reconstructing them or starting from scratch, gives me a real kick in the pants to get those outfits that are more time consuming started (and finished).

So, if this sounds like you, then here’s a few (free) quick projects to get you motivated!
The first one is a t-shirt to pants reconstruction (you could also make a pair of shorts from this tutorial also) from livejournal member, bakedinapie.
Mediatinker has two unisex pants patterns on their site. One for a Fisherman’s Pant that wrap around and tie in the front (takes 1 hour) and Comfy Pants that are a pajama style pant that can me modified for a more palazzo style (takes 90 minutes). I wish that there were some completed photos of these pants. If someone makes one, please email me your pics!
Whip Up has an absolutely adorable pincushion (with links to more pictures and tutorials including shrinky dink pin heads).
Lastly, is Rostitchery’s tutorial on the One Seam Convertible Dress. I love this one because it reminds me of Speigel’s Norma Kamali convertible pieces. I also like how she shows a variety of ways to wear this dress (with links to more ways to wrap this around your body).