My Summer Bag Swap Partner, Announced

The Summer Bag Swap partners have been posted and I now have my partner……………andreamarie (she’s also coordinating this swap and runs a Crafty Handbags site on Live Journal) ! I’m very excited and have a ton of ideas swimming in my head. So, if you’re Andrea Marie – no peeking at this entry! Everyone else, read on.

Since we had to fill out a questionaire prior to entering, I have some ideas as to what kind of bag she’s looking for. Basically, a larger bag, like a tote, and anything with shoulder straps so she doesn’t have to carry it around (and inside pockets). I’ve spent some time looking at bag styles and am thinking about making the Amy Butler Messenger Bag (it’s a nice size bag, has a long shoulder strap, and outside flap pocket, and she had noted that a messenger bag is a style that she doesn’t make well). I’ve also thought about the Rebecca Bag from the Carry With Style book. This view (suprisingly) has similar dimentions to the messenger bag (the Rebecca bag is 11 3/4″h X 15 3/4″w and the Messenger Bag is 12 1/2″w X 15 1/2″h), is a unique shape, has a button closure, and shoulder strap. There’s also a hobo bag which looks cute, but I think that I would have to find just the right fabric to use with that.
Speaking of fabric, since it’s a summer theme, I’m on the lookout for ocean & beach fabric (this is something she likes) in yellow, green, pink, andor ocean shades. I think I’ll stop by a local quilt shop tomorrow (as long as we get time) and see what they’ve got there. Hancock’s is another possibility, but the last time I stopped in there, the selection of novelty fabrics was a lot smaller than what it used to be.
Since we’re on the subject of bags, stop by and download your free En Vacance Waistpack pattern (and be sure to sign up for the newsletter, if you haven’t already. They’ll let you know about their free patterns and their upcoming pattern collection that’s being released next month).. It’s perfect timing for release of this pattern!
Alright, so enough rambling (yup, I’m excited, I can go on and on and on…) and time to get sewing!

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