Getting Started

Everything is all cut out and ready to go on my Amy Butler Cabo Halter. Instead of using cotton fabric (and an invisible zip) for this top, I settled on a stretch mesh print from I decided to use this material for two reasons:

1. So far, all the halters I’ve seen made up is from cotton. They are all so beautiful, but I thought I would try to be different. I’m curious to see how this fabric changes the look of the pattern.
2. I got the mesh fabric this spring and it’s still sitting in my stash. Since it’s so ‘trendy’ looking, I figured I better use it soon before it goes out of style.
3. I still have my heart set on using some of her “Belle” fabric for this top, but it won’t ship until mid July (and I would really, really like to get started on this pattern before then). I would either like to use the duck eggfrench wallpaper or the olivekashmir (like the one on the pattern cover). On a side note, I’d like to get a small fat quarter bundle of some of her new fabrics to make a purse too, but I haven’t found anyone who’s going to be selling them.
The one thing I have noticed is that this pattern does not require as much fabric yardage (or at least if you’re making the smaller size) as what the pattern envelope requires. My fabric was 58″ wide and I used a yard – and still had some sizable scraps left over.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. linda

    I really like the look of this pattern, but unfortunately, I don’t have the body for it. *sigh* It’s very cool how you put the prices up for your project. Thanks again for identifying my fabric. Lucky for me you’re a fabric junkie. :o)

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