Bags, Bags, Bags!

All this planning for the Pattern Review Bag contest has made me do lots of surfing….. That’s when I came across this, Bagaholics Anonymous, a fun site dedicated to those who love to make bags.

I’m also fallen in love with patchwork quilted bags from the Japanese craft book, Machine Made Patchworks I Retro Style Qulits Pattern Book. Since I don’t read a lick of Japanese, I was happy to see that Creative Little Daisy posted a tutorial on her site. I’ve decided I need to make one of these for myself. I think that Taylor might even get into this project, herself – after all it uses the rotary cutter and sewing machine!

One thought on “Bags, Bags, Bags!

  1. Perach

    One more time thanks a lot for the information you post here..The BA website is so funny..starting with the name..
    Your info is pure inspiration.

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