From Mom Jeans To Fab Skirt

Since everyone had come home early on Saturday, I had to shelve the Sew Subversive skirt until I could finish it off today.

Let’s take a look at what I started with.

I call these, the mom jeans. I really have no idea how old these babies are, but they are way too high in the waist, too baggy in the butt and upper thigh, and have (ACK!) tapered legs. In short, they are horrid. But, they make a perfect recon.
So, I followed the directions in the book (keep in mind I have never converted a pair of jeans into a skirt, ever) and a little over an hour later, I had this:

The book says that it should take about an hour to complete this project. I took a bit longer because instead of leaving the raw edges and letting them frey, I turned them under and topstitched to give it a more finished look. I also measured off the pleats in the ruffles before sewing so they were uniform – I am a tad anal about those kind of things even though no one else but me would notice. I think that I’m going to get out Bret’s Dremel and rough up some of the edges a bit to give it a more worn look.
I am extremely pleased with how this turned out – even Taylor is asking for me to make her one!

6 thoughts on “From Mom Jeans To Fab Skirt

  1. Amy

    Super cute! Those turned out great! I bet you’ll get a lot more use out of that skirt than those jeans! Great job!

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