Fall Fashion Forecast

The fall fashion forecast is out – so the trends for the upcoming season are official.

Fortunately, I’ve loaded up on black fabric, but I’m going to have to skip the short-short skirts (I just don’t feel like I should be wearing them to those ‘meet the teacher’ type events) and the capes (just because I’m not a cape wearing individual, it makes me feel like a superhero). Now to find a great vest for the Annie Hall look.

4 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Forecast

  1. jane

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the fashion update! I just checked and Vogue patterns have their new fall styles out too.

  2. jane

    Joann’s has Vogue on sale July 6-8, but I wonder if they will have them in the store by then. Sadly I don’t have a Hancock’s nearby.

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