Sewing Saturday

I had high hopes of getting more done yesterday (while everyone was gone) than what I actually accomplished.

I did pick up a lining for the bag that I’ll be creating for Pattern Review’s Handbag Contest. I also traced off the pattern pieces from the Carry With Style book (alright, so it’s one piece, but I still traced it). I believe that I now have all my supplies ready so I can start in July. I put a link on the sidebar for the bag and was suprised to see that the total cost of my bag is at $32.49, even without the pattern, it’s at $20.91! Sorry, no pictures yet of the fabrics I’m using, the family has taken off with the digital camera, but if you can’t tell, my theme is ‘Summer’.
I also did a lot of surfing last night and decided to purchase Patterns From Finished Clothes: Re-Creating the Clothes You Love from Amazon. Maybe there will be more inspired knock-off’s in the future if I read this book! It’s gotten some good reviews and I know some Pattern Review members have recomended this book so I thought that I would give it a try.
I also (sort of) got started on the Sew Subversive jeans skirt. I picked out a pair of Levis that I haven’t touched in ages. I put them on and, well, they are ‘mom jeans’. Ick. They come up too high on the waist, are dumpy in the butt, and are just plain unflattering on me. I figure they are perfect to reconstruct, except I still won’t like the waistband. I’m going to have to figure out what to do with it (if anything).
So, this morning, I’m sitting (leisurely) drinking coffee and preparing to go to Joann’s “Get Up And Sew Saturday.” Last week, when I had gone in for their Firefly Frenzy sale, the cashier handed me a coupon (50% off for sewing items only) and said their store was having a special promotion (apparently not all Joann’s are doing this) and will have some demonstrations (or at least that’s what I thought she said, I was just excited about another coupon), etc. I also got a $20 gift card (as a reward for using my Joann’s credit card which they are no longer doing) the other day and plan on using that while I’m there.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Saturday

  1. Nina

    I saw in one of those “remake” books where the waistband was cut off. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what she chose to do, but that leaves you free to…….whatever!!

  2. stacy

    I was thinking about doing that, but then wondered if that would make the zipper keep coming apart – hummmm, I’ll have to ponder that one!

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