I know that yesterday was the first day of summer, but I’m already planning costumes for Halloween! I probably wouldn’t have started doing this already, but I ran across this site last night and it really got me thinking.

Now what in the world does a sock site (and a very cool one at that) have to do with Halloween costumes? Well, I stumbled across the Vertical Opaque Thigh Highs which immediately made me think of the saloon girl costume from Laughing Moon. I’ve wanted to make a can-can costume since I first saw Moulin Rouge! In fact, I had even gone out and purchased McCall 3674 when it first arrived in stores for this very purpose. Since that time, I’ve even come across a pattern for making a very cool top hat, that would be perfect for a Satine “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” costume. Oh, the possibilities!
The other costume that I’m contemplating is Butterick 4315. Of course, this would be one of those ‘labor of love’ type projects because I can see how I could easily spend hours upon hours working on this.
However, the cosutme I would most like to re-create is Annika’s 18th Century Ladies Dress which she made from PVC (from Butterick 3640). It is probably the most stunning costume that I’ve ever come across!
Maybe I’ll have enough free time (yeah, right) to make up all of these, but for now, I’ll settle on ordering some cool socks.