Big City

I am happy to report, the Built by Wendy City Shorts are now complete! Everything else went together without a hitch!

I supposed, however, that these pants will have to become a wearable muslin – because there is some major alterations that need to be done before I call this a good fit. Check out the major gaposis going on in the back of these babies:

Now if I pull these pants down about 2 more inches, they fit fine, but then they become ultra low rise and the butt is a bit baggy (and who wants that). No, I’m just going to have to adjust these, which is fine. The waistband needs fitting and I would contour the rear a bit so there’s not so much loose fabric going on there too. I would also make this again in a size 8 and not inbetween an 8 & 10 pattern range (which my sizing really puts me in).
All in all, I still really love these pants and intend on wearing them – gaps and all. I’ve posted my review of the patern over at Pattern Review.

5 thoughts on “Big City

  1. caro

    Hi – Really impressed with your city shorts! I am working on the button front short sleeve Built by Wendy blouse – which looks like it would wokr great with these pants. I noticed that the sizing is a little big on the shirt too – I cut a size smaller than my measurements, but could have gone down two sizes easy.
    How long did it take you to sew these? Do you use a serger to finish your raw edges?

  2. Stacy

    Thanks for the heads up ont he blouse. I’ll make sure that I go down a size or two when I make this! I was actually thinking about making this my next project. What material are you using for yours?
    The pants went together fairly quickly. I had cut them out in an evening and spent a couple of nights (maybe 3?) sewing them together. The carpenter pants will definately take longer, there are lots of pockets, lots of topstitching and fun little extras and loops! I didn’t use a serger with them this time….They look pretty finished on the inside except for the outer seam – which could realy use a finished serged edge.

  3. Alexandra

    I’m going to make the pants one of these days! They look nifty!
    I’ve got two ideas for you…
    Fly-front zippers without tears:
    The best pants-fitting book I’ve ever used:
    I made a fabulous pair of shorts from fabric I’d had for years but had been too afraid to cut because of my terrible time with pants. NO LONGER!

  4. Stacy

    Joann’s & Hancock Fabrics mostly – if you have the patience to wait, you can usually get them for $1.99-.99!

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