To quote the immortal words of Homer Simpson, DOH! I so desprately want these City Shorts to work and now I’ve come across a few problems – all of which are my fault.

First off, I attached my cute buttons to the pants back, but when I brought them in a different light, I’m thinking that they may be a very dark blue. I really can’t tell. I like them so much that I’m keeping them anyway, because if I can’t tell, will anyone else?
Secondly, my pants have become the lint, fuzz, hair, loose thread, etc. magnet. I firmly believe it’s just the fabric type, but now I’m going to have to keep one of those mini rollers with me when I wear them.
The worst mistake of all – I cut the front of the pants shorter than the back! How did this happen you ask? Well, the City Shorts is obviously shorter in length than the carpenter pants. In order to preserve the entire pants length, I just folded it up when I cut (yes, I could have cut it off and just taped it together later, but it was late and I didn’t). Apparently, when I did this, I didn’t fold on the cutting line on the front of the pants, I folded on the fold line that they creased putting the pattern in the envelope (remember, it was late when I did this!). Fortunately, I only shortened it by 1 1/8 inches. And since I normally have to take off 2-3 (sometimes more) inches in length, I don’t think that this is such a horrible development. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just make the hem shorter than the 1″ given in the pattern directions.
I also had some problems with the crotch seam. I just couldn’t get the outside of the fly to lie down right. After working with it (ironing it, ripping out stitches, etc.) I finally got it to where I like it. I doubt anyone can see what I’m seeing, but I know it’s there so it bothers me.
Next up – the waistband!