Fear Of Flies

I got to work on my City Shorts and I believe that the hardest part is over – the zip fly!

I don’t know why I dread this part of pants construction, but at least this pattern had you do it almost immediately to get it over with. The instructions for this part of the pants is also pretty good (I’m going to remember to look back on these particular instructions when I come across a pattern that lacks in zip fly detail).
The yokes are also attached and the pocket flap to the pants back. I also cracked open my 5 lb. bundle of Fabric Mart buttons and found 3 solid black (and interesting looking) four hole buttons to use. If all goes well, I may get this project finished by the weekend – or at least the waistband attached.
Burda Easy Fashion Update: I just got an email from GLP News that this magazine isn’t going to be published now in English. I’m going to go ahead and take the German issue, but am severely dissapointed. Is there just not a market for sewing patterns in the US? I would love to see more magazines like Burda and Patrones, but I’m afraid that’s never going to happen.