Taylor’s Top

With Taylor gone at a sleepover and Bret out fishing, I started work on Simplicity 4163 – That’s So Raven choice of tops. There were 6 styles to chose from, but Taylor didn’t have any difficulty selecting one she liked the best, view F. This particular style is a halter top with a front drape (under the bust) and mock ties.

I had already cut this out quite some time ago, but it’s just been sitting in a pile while I worked on other projects. I only managed to get the front constructed – lining the top, finishing the seams of the drape and ties, and adding them to the halter. I’m glad that I have a rolled hem foot, it is a time saver when doing narrow hems! The rest of this top should go together rather fast, I just need to add a casing and elastic to the back, attach the sides and finish the bottom hem. Let’s just hope Taylor likes it when it’s finished! My hope is that I’ll have it completed by Taylor’s birthday party on Saturday.
Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling out of town for the day. I’m going bridal dress shopping with my friend. I’m contemplating taking a camera (camera phones just don’t take the best quality photos) and posting some of the dresses she tries on (and any bridesmaid’s dresses) for some inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Taylor’s Top

  1. Joi (stereoette)

    tell me the secret of the rolled hem foot, PLEASE… i cannot for the life of me get mine to work, and its not the Beastie machine’s fault, because I couldn’t get it to work on the Singer, either! There has got to be some trick, and I just dont know it.

  2. stacy

    I have to admit it is tricky! To start it off, I have to actually make a narrow hem without the foot (like 2 or 3 inches) and sew it down. Then I adjust it under the foot, put the presserfoot down and manipulate the raw edge onto the part of the foot that makes the rolled edge. I almost always have a difficult time doing this and need the sharp point of my seam ripper to help get it onto the foot. I find that if I get what looks like an excessive amount of fabric onto this part of the foot, it makes a nice rolled hem and it doesn’t slip off. Otherwise it seems like the fabric comes off that part of the foot or makes too narrow of a hem and doesn’t roll under.
    I hope that helps! It’s a great little foot (not to mention a real time saver), but I always have to practice on scraps before I use it because I always have to get into the groove of using this feature!

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