Halter Altered!

I’m happy to report that my Sahalie inspired top is now finished (the finished picture is now on the sidebar)!

Sadly, my fabric still hasn’t arrived. It’s still early enough in the day that the UPS man probably hasn’t made his rounds to our neighborhood yet (even sadder is the fact I know what time he arrives in our neighborhood). So while we’re on the topic of dissapointment, let’s talk about Santacruzdesigns.com. When are they going to put some goodies on their site? I’ve been anxiously waiting for some of their patterns- their teaser page sounds so interesting:

From the funky to the fabulous, just some of the awesome patterns we’ll be offering are:
Knit tops in every design we can dream up. Cute, sexy- blouses, beach-wear including shorts and more shorts! Work-out and lounge wear.

I’m also hoping that Hot Patterns also comes out with some new designs soon too. With all this fabric that I’ve got coming in, I need something to use it all up!

3 thoughts on “Halter Altered!

  1. Amy

    Your top turned out great! Are you going to attempt the boy cut bottoms? Hey, that santacruz website looks really neat, too? How do you find these sites?!!

  2. Stacy

    Thanks everyone! I probably won’t do the boycut bottoms only because I don’t think that the face fabric will hold up well in water. If I happen to stumble across some fabric like this in some swimsuit lycra I’m all over it!
    Santacruz ran an ad in the latest Threads magazine – the were supposed to have patterns up in May….I hope they come out before short season is over!
    I find a lot of sites by accident when I surf the web – I do that a lot while drinking morning coffee or after Taylor goes to bed. I’m an internet junkie too!

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