Taylor started basketball camp this morning and I realized something very important. Two hours is not long enough to make a top.

Well, actully, it’s more like an hour and a half once you taxi back and forth, etc. So, what did I get accomplished? Lots of serger headaches for one. I had to change the thread – I’m using a black woolly nylon. So I tied it to the tails of some previous thread that was already sitting in the machine. Everything was going so smoothly, until the thread decided not to pass through the eye of the needle and sprung back into the machine. After several failed attempts of trying to rethread and tie it together- only to have it spring back on me, I just decided to scrap that whole idea and use regular thread in the upper looper. Then the serger blade gave me problems. I had found a new blade in with all my serger tools and installed it. I don’t know how I installed it wrong, but it kept eating the fabric, not cutting it. I finally got it set right and started sewing – only to realize I had somthing like 45-50 minutes left to sew before picking Taylor back up!
I did manage to get the side panels attached to the front and the shelf bra attached. I guess that’s something!
In other news, my large Fabric Mart purchase didn’t arrive today. The whole Memorial Day holiday must have really messed with my cuttingshipping times. I’m hoping that my package arrives tomorrow – otherwise, I’ll have to stalk the UPS man around town.