Sewing Lesson Part 2

Taylor started on the actual construction of her pajama pants. First we took some scraps of fabric and practiced sewing straight lines. I also marked off the 5/8″ line on the sewing machine with some masking tape so it was easier to see where she needed to keep the fabric.

Then we started on the pants themselves. I’ve done most of the pinning thus far, mostly because the pins that I picked up from Hancock really don’t want to pierce the fabric – she also has a fear of getting stuck. As of right now, she’s sewn the inner leg seam, the crotch seam, and outer leg seam – all with me just watching! Taylor is very excited to see that her pants are actually taking on a pants shape – she amazed that the crazy looking pattern pieces actually turn into something recognizable!
The next step is making the casing for the waistband and attaching the contrast cuff. We’d be working on that right now, but Taylor wanted to see Dr. Phil today. She got sucked into a commercial the other day and is apparently hooked on the show already. She’s planning on taping tomorrow’s episode just incase we’re not home. Good think I like Dr. Phil.

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