Have you ever worked on a project that was jinxed from the start? Apparently, my second Jalie swimsuit version was one of those projects.

First, I cut my bottoms wrong – the stretch of the fabric was going the wrong direction (instead of side to side, it was going up and down). So I scrapped that pair and made a second. The second pair came out too small. Flesh bubbled out – it was not attractive. Then I ran out of lining. That was fine, I just went onto other projects until Joann’s had a sale. Fortunately, the third pair went much smoother. By now, I was a pro at making these.
Then came the top. I’ll spare you most of the details, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get padding into the triangle top. So I skipped that and am going “au naturel” with this one. Several Tylenol later, I’m attaching the bottom band to the triangle part of my top – that’s about when my serger blade goes completely dull – makes a mess of the whole seam. I don’t think that you can tell from looking at the outside of the bikini top, but if you looked at the inside! ICK!
With all the problems aside, I am happy to announce that this project IS complete! I’m not sure how much I care for it overall, but I’m sure that I’ll wear it a few times and get some use out of it. I’ve added a completed photo to the sidebar or you can the link here:
Jinxed Binkini Photo