Jalie Swimwear Version 3.0

Taylor had a friend over for a few hours this afternoon – I thought during that time I would get in a bit of sewing. Inserting an invisible zipper sounded like it would take too much concentration, so I opted to start on my second version of the Jalie 2446 swimsuit.

The first trial round, I cut the fabric with the stretch going the wrong direction. I managed to fix it the second time around except this time, the bottom was too tight. I think if I would have attempted to wear it, I would have eventually popped the seams. I realized that when I made a muslin, I used a crinkley fabric which gave everything more stretch. UGH!
So, I decided to make a third version, this time going up a size. These bottoms turned out much better:

They still feel a bit snug, but I don’t have skin bubbling out – either this is how a proper fitting suit is supposed to be, or I need to go up one more size. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Jalie Swimwear Version 3.0

  1. Amy

    You are right, nothing is bubbling over, so I would have to say they are fitting properly. I guess I might worry they woudl be too loose if you go up a size. Had there been any “pooches”, then I might I have suggested going up a size, but there aren’t, so it looks good! This pattern seems like it works out nicely. My only personal choice for myself is that I would want it to just go a little higher toward my navel–maybe only an inch or two. But I supposed that could be something that could be adjusted. Also, do you have a special attachment on your serger for attaching the elastic, or do you just run it along the edge? I ended up getting the Janome instead of the White (a local dealer sold the Janomes) and it didn’t come with an elastic attachment.
    Again, great job!

  2. stacy

    Thanks, I needed someone else’s opinion on this one. My last swimsuit (purchased) is big, (too big in the bottom) and it feels like it’s going to float off of me in the water. I’m thinking this is how it should fit!
    This is a VERY low rise bikini bottom! I have another Jalie pattern that I’m going to (eventually) test out that has a fuller bottom to it.
    I’ve been attaching my elastic by my regular sewing machine. I’ve never quite figured out how to do it by using my serger (mine didn’t come with an elastic attachment either – they have far more feet that come with the White machines than when I got mine). Maybe that’s something I should practice on!

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