I Caved

Well, I did it. I made another purchase from Fabric Mart. I really did a good job holding off buying anything more from them (although, I have used up a lot of the fabrics that I’ve purchased from them – the buttons, I’ll be passing along to grandchildren), until now.

Blame it on the pinstripe fabric they just posted (and the silk bundle reduction – which is funny considering I never purchased any silk this time around!). I purchased several yards of both the pinstripe fabric and the heather grey stretch thinking I would like to buy Jalie 2561 at some point (or some other fabulous looking pant pattern like the Razor Sharp Pants or the Pants to Die For) to use these fabrics with. I also couldn’t resist this stretch cotton sateen. I really have no plans for it, but I just fell in love with it as soon as it arrived on the site. I resisted the silk bundles, but wound up getting a mystery bundle and a free black bundle (the free 10 lb. order was already off the site so I had to get another black bundle, I should be covered for black fabric now for quite some time).
Now I am going to avoid fabric sites for awhile and just sew.
Speaking of sewing, the dress is slowly moving along – I am about ready to insert the invisible zipper!

4 thoughts on “I Caved

  1. Madelyne

    Wow, I came upon your site when I was, seriously, searching for Anthropologie pattern knock-offs. I adore the geranium sweater jacket you did! Anthropologie is probably my favorite store but their prices always scare me away. Hopefully I can convince my mom to help me make this one!

  2. Lisa Laree

    I got that same sateen from FM about 2 weeks ago…I’m not sure what I’m going to do with mine, either, but I’m leaning towards a jacket…I think.

  3. stacy

    I like the jacket idea, either that or capris. I might have to wait to see what calls to me once it arrives!

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