Taylor Sews

Well, not she’s not exactly sewing yet, but she’s expressed an interest in it!

Today, she had a wart removed – a huge one, right on the Achilles heel. The doctor numbed the foot, froze the wart, and then took this loop like instrument and dug it out. This wart blob came flying off and now she’s left with a nasty looking hole. To take her mind off of her throbbing heel, I took her to see RV. Anyway, right before the previews, we’re talking about summer “fun stuff” and she leans over and asks “Will you teach me how to sew?” Now how can I refuse that? I’m not sure if this is a passing interest, she’s truely interested, or if it was the pain talking, but I told her we would start with pajamas. She thought that was a great idea – as she put it, “if they turn out horrible, no one but me has to see it!”
I’ve been saving my first sewing machine, a White basic model for Taylor to use if she ever got interested. No bells and whistles, but a good starter machine ( I still have to pull it out from time to time to make extra large button holes). When we got to Hancock Fabrics for their sale tomorrow, I’ll let her find a pattern she likes and some fabric too. Of course, I’ll be posting her progress as we go!

5 thoughts on “Taylor Sews

  1. Amy

    That’s so cool that she wants to learn! Sorry about her wart though, I hope it doesn’t cause her much pain now.
    Well, even if the sewing is a passing phase this summer, at least you might be able to show her the basics, and then someday, maybe she’ll get the “bug” again–and it will last forever! I always hope Mira will want to learn, too–but I’m afraid it will skip a generation or something! Good luck!

  2. Lori

    Ahhh. Poor girl. I had a wart when I was eight. Good for her that she wants to learn to sew. I hope my dd wants to learn. So far she hasn’t expressed any interest. I’m saving my Pfaff Hobby mechanical for her.

  3. stacy

    I’m jumping on this whole sewing idea and we’ve already picked out a pattern and fabric! Next week is looking like it’s time to start sewing.
    Taylor seems to be doing o.k. with the whole wart removal process – it’s just in such a bad spot that shoes are going to rub on it until it heals. Thankfully, it’s flip flop season!

  4. Joi (stereoette)

    I *so* wish i had learned to sew when my mother offered to teach me at Taylor’s age… she is a sewing whiz and now that I am learning, i am in a different time zone, and i wish i had her and her expertise close by. Thank goodness for the internet – i can send her pictures of my botched work and she explains how to fix it over instant messanger!

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