Before you ask, yes, I’m being a bit goofy by having a title all in acronyms! Actually, Taylor and I ventured out this afternoon in an attempt to find some shorts that fit – and we came home empty handed.

Granted, we only looked at two stores, but you would think you could find at least one pair that fit decent?!?
Like most people, Taylor has some fit issues. At (almost) 9, she already has the start of an hourglass shape, she has a full bottom, and is long waisted. Because her hip area is much larger than her waist, we have to go up several sizes, but then the waist is too large and she can practically pull buttonzipped pantsshorts off without un-doing them. Adjustible waistbands help, but they typically have a balloon effect when you cinch them up (fit at the waist and hip but flare out around the legs). To top it off, she’s extremely picky and she detests bermuda shorts (I don’t blame her, I don’t care for them either) which seems to be what everyone carries right now! Most patterns (unless I use Burda) require muslins for the right fit – then comes fabric picking (here again, we’re very selective).
So, what to do? I could make shorts, but it actually costs more to make shorts for her than to purchase them at a store. I could shop at Limited Too – the only store that fits her well, and pay a bit more. I could load her up on skorts (not that she would mind!) and dresses for the summer. Or I could do a combo of these 3 options. What would you do?