Summer Is Here, Already?

Believe it or not, today is my daughter’s last day of school! I have no idea where the year went, but it sure did go by fast! Today was mostly spent running errands (Taylor’s birthday is in a few weeks), cleaning house (this will probably be the cleanest my house gets all summer long), and tracing off my Amy Butler Cabo halter. I still haven’t decided what fabric that I’m going to use – it’s a toss up between a Fabric Mart bundle print or some sort of stretch print that I have in my stash. I haven’t seen anyone make this up in a stretch so I’m sort of shying away from that idea. I wonder if I could eliminate the zipper that way? HUMMMMM?

2 thoughts on “Summer Is Here, Already?

  1. Lori

    Can’t wait to see your finished halter top. Your dd is already finished school? My dd doesn’t finish until the end of June. Not complaining though. I’m not ready for the kids to out of school. I run a dayhome and I honestly don’t enjoy having a full house. They fight too much.

  2. stacy

    Wow, the end of June?!!! We start school early here – August 17th or so.
    I only have one, so it’s pretty quiet, plus I get a helper. LOL
    I’m excited about starting the halter top. Everyone’s that I’ve seen has turned out beautiful! I’ve told myself that I can’t start on it until I finish my other cut projects, though. Otherwise, I wind up with a bunch of UFOs by summer’s end!

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