Dresses, Patrones, and Misc. Ramblings

Before I start this entry, I’ll start off by saying, I got another Patrones magazine – the May “joven” issue. This time I purchased it off of Ebay, but by the same seller Stoff Art. If you’ve been wanting to check this magazine out, head on over to Ebay – they only have 5 more left!
Since Taylor had a fishing tournament this morning, I had plenty of time to (finally) start on my Burda WOF dress. I think I’m glad that I waited to start on this one because I’m having a horrible time understanding the instructions. Either this dress is going to turn out absolutely adorabe or it’s going to end up a wadder. Before I put it aside, I only got the darts sewn, the facing pinned and the collar sewn (but, not attached).

Since I was so frustrated, I wound up running some errands – one to Hancock Fabrics to pick up some swimsuit lining. For the second time in a row, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I’m begining to get frustrated with them and Joann’s is starting to look better and better. I also attempted to look for some pinstriped suiting type fabric. I did find some, mostly grey but when I touched it and rubbed it together, it made a crinkle sound like plastic. I checked the fiber content and it said it was Dacron, does anyone know if this ever softens up or stops making that rustling sound?
In other news, we went to the Block Party for the Wichita River Fest last night. We gorged ourselves on smoked turkey legs, funnel cake, roasted corn, and ice cream, listened to local bands – including a one man band (now there’s something you don’t see very often), and I rode a mechanical bull. Yup that’s right, I did it! Of course, I have a blood blister on the palm of my hand and some sort of rug burn scratch on my inner thigh from flying off, but I may have stayed on it for almost 8 seconds! YEEHAW!