One Suit Down

Well, I managed to finish up Taylor’s swimsuit today (the completed suit is now on the project sidebar). I can’t believe how easy it is to create swimsuts (and how stores can charge so much for them)! Taylor is also thrilled with the whole suit now that it’s finished. Even the shorts. I had to force her to take it off so that I could take a completed project photo.

I also started on a bikini myself, but I made one HUGE mistake. I cut the fabric with the stretch going the wrong direction. I didn’t notice this until after I had sewn it up and tried it on. Not only was it tight, but I had bubbles of flesh comming out of the suit. BLEH. I went back and used some ugly fabric for a muslin, cut it the right way and wound up getting a comfy suit bottom. I just quickly sewed up the top (no lining, not worring about crooked seams, etc.) to check the fit and it seems o.k. so I’m going back to the remanat stash to find some new fabric – I only had a small yardage to begin with and there’s just not enough left to do anything with it.

1 thought on “One Suit Down

  1. Lori

    Very nice swim suit. I agree, it is ridiculous how much stores charge for swim suits. Great job Stacey.

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