Where Did All The White Fabric Go?

You wouldn’t think that finding a plain white swimsuit fabric would be a difficult chore – but apprarently, it is. Some of the lycra remnants have white in it and I would like to use it as an accent piece, especially as a band of the boyshort style).

The other day I headed off to Hancock Fabrics (where I picked up Simplicity 4163 for Taylor) and all of their solid white everything (swimsuit, t-shirt, you name it) was gone. So, today I went to a Joann’s and found some, but boy is it sparkley! I’ve decided that I’ll need to use the reverse side to make it look right.
In other news, my Fabric.com order arrived this evening. The satin is pretty, but much stiffer than what I expected. I’m hoping washing will soften it up. I can definately see pajamas made up in this….now to trace the pj pattern off! The stretch poplin is perfect for the Burda WOF dress that I’ve picked out – if I could only find a buckle that I liked. I traced off the pattern last night so after I make Taylor a top from Simplicity 4163 (which is already cut out and ready to sew), I’ll be ready to go! I actually think that this dress ought to go fairly quickly. It looks simple enough to make. I’ll post the model picture soon.

2 thoughts on “Where Did All The White Fabric Go?

  1. stacy

    Thanks! I forgot about that site – I remember visiting there when I was looking for tack buttons. They have such beautiful trims and buttons! I’m headed there next!

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